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Meet the Team

Our Experts, Unique Use of Technology and Hands-on Approach Makes ALL the Difference


Our dedicated team is comprised of highly skilled doctors, health practitioners and professional support staff who pride themselves on delivering exceptional treatment and quality care to our patients. Our patients are special and unique and our treatment and care is tailored to their individual needs.

Dr. Bao Thai DC

Dr. Bao Thai DC is the founder of the Advanced Nerve and Health Centers in Houston and Dallas. He is the creator of the process that has helped thousands of patient’s suffering from nerve related problems. He has been able to help patient’s when all else has failed. He has spoken at Harvard. He is currently on TV all across the country. He is married to his wife Suzanne Thai for 14 years now. They one adorable 7-year-old son named Connor. They love to travel and spend time with each other. Dr. Bao is on a mission to change how the world approaches and treats nerve-related problems in a way that actually creates results.

Dr. Buckley

Dr. Buckley graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in April 1996. He served as Vice President of TCA – District 5. He also served as a Designated Doctor for the State of Texas, Worker’s Compensation Department, where he performed Designated Doctor (DD) Exams and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs). He has worked in various aspects of Sports Medicine, Work Hardening, Pain Management, Personal Injury and Rehabilitation. He has a passion for helping people achieve a quality of life that is balanced spiritually, physically and mentally. He enjoys working with Dr. Bao because he enjoys interacting with the patients and has witnessed healing, through the techniques of Dr. Bao.

dr Buckley


My name is Sarah and I’m the Office Manager for Dr. Bao. While I’ve worked here for a couple of years, my experience helping people dates back to my teenage years. During my summers I volunteered overseas in India, Costa Rica and Russia before eventually running a non-profit organization that took me around the world! After 72 countries spanning 10 years of full time work abroad, I returned back to the US and got involved in the medical field. My experiences overseas have helped me relate to people from all walks of life, all backgrounds and those in desperate need – whether that need be financial, emotional, spiritual, or like now… physical.
Working here fulfills my dream of helping people and making a difference in the world. My passion to make others laugh, bring them hope and help them improve present circumstances is what makes working here the perfect match for me.


My name is Jazmin and I am one of the very lucky girls that works at Advanced Nerve & Health Center. My passion for the medical field came very early in my life. Growing up very close to my ill grandfather I promised him that when I grew up I would be his caretaker. Sadly, he passed away three months before I graduated. My journey with Dr. Bao began in February 2015. It is such a blessing to be a witness of the miracles Dr. Bao is capable of. He is by far the best doctor I have had the pleasure of working with. I love being able to help our patients better their health, whether it is with their nutrition, weight loss or neuropathy this satisfaction brings joy to my heart. My family is my world. I was blessed with three beautiful children, Ayden, Rose & Ariana. They are my motivation, my strength and my whole life.


I’m Amy! I was with Denton ISD for the past 10 years working in the Special Education Department. It was an extremely, fulfilling and rewarding job because of all the bonds I developed with students, teachers, and administrators. It also allowed me to stay connected with my own girls as they went through school! Whether it was being a stay at home mom, band, choir, sports, cheerleading, academics, or booster club, I was there to guide them. Now, young women, Sydney is 25 and Sammy is 21. I have been blessed with beautiful, loving, giving human beings. I have also been blessed with an amazing son-in-law, Zach and the icing on the cake grandchildren, Jonah 1 ½ and Roslyn 3 months. I have been graced with so much, and I am so grateful!

I love to give of myself with a warm smile, a helping hand, a word of encouragement. I look for that in the jobs I do, and how I can make a difference in the lives of others and my community. Whether at church, work, or home it’s important that we give our very best. Life for me is about helping others succeed. It’s me living out my belief. I believe I have found another place to do just that here at Dr. Bao’s office.

Passion. The one word that describes me entirely. I grew up volunteering my time, caring for animals and helping people at the local hospitals. When deciding my career path, helping others took a forefront in my decision. I started in Radiology hoping to help others in the hospital setting.

Life is unpredictable and with it comes change. I switched to elementary education and started my career as a teacher, helping students to grow in knowledge and integrity.

Again life changed and I found myself leaning on the Lord to guide my way. He knew my heart and my passion for helping others. That’s when I believe He led me to Advanced Nerve and Health Center. Every day that decision fulfills my longing to have a place where everyone cares for each other and wants them to succeed. Being at the forefront of our patient’s life changes and healing and knowing I play a vital part in making their lives better, it’s all I could ask for!

In 2006, I was rushed to the emergency room with an excruciating pain where I was given Morphine for the pain. I was quickly taken for a CAT scan to see what was happening with me. They discovered I had a Teratoma tumor killing the blood circulation on my left ovary. They had to rush me to the next city by ambulance to have surgery done. Thankfully, I recovered quickly.

Four years later I was not doing much with my life. I wanted a career and to give my daughters a better life. I thought back on how much I was moved by the way I had been taken care of when my tumor was diagnosed. I don’t like needles or the sight of blood so I knew nursing was not for me! But still wishing to help others and be in the medical field, I quickly figured out that medical billing and coding may be the right career path. Upon graduating I felt proud of myself and that I had accomplished this for my family and myself. I have been in the medical field since 2012 and now love helping our patients at Advanced Nerve &  Health Center. Being in the medical field has been rewarding in many ways! I like to interact with patients by always having a smile on my face and making them feel welcome. Always being positive when I know they might not be feeling their best. To me… laughter is the medicine of life.

KaitlynMy name is Kaitlyn and I am a tech at Advanced Nerve and Health Center. My healthcare journey started at Texas Woman’s University where I obtained my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nutrition with an emphasis in Wellness in 2015. After earning that degree, I knew I wanted to help people directly with achieving a greater sense of wellness. Shortly before working at Advanced Nerve and Health Center I worked for a cardiologist who taught me various aspects of the healthcare industry ranging from direct patient care to patient education. My passion is helping people and I am so thankful to have found a place to work that values their patients the way that we do. While I am not at work I like to spend my time with my husband, cook, fish, and garden.

Kenya MarquezMy name is Kenya Marquez and I’m thrilled to be a part of the innovative healing process at Advanced Nerve & Health Center! When I’m not working I spend most of my time with my two beautiful daughters that are growing way too fast. They inspire me and drive me to continually grow. I can’t thank Dr. Bao enough for the great opportunity to be part of his amazing staff. Besides having an awesome boss we have incredible patients that make it exciting to come to work each day. Most patients have treatments frequently which I love because we get to build such great relationships with them; which sometimes makes it emotional when they finish the treatment. It’s such an honor to be part of their success! With the joyful, easy going, and positive environment we have created here I look forward to continually meeting and helping more and more patients.


My name is Anahi, and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Accounting at The University of North Texas. I grew up in the small town of Sanger, but currently reside in the unique town of Denton. I enjoy traveling, and spending time with my family. When I’m not at work, I am spending time with my boyfriend, Manuel, and our two fur babies, Kilos and Cocoa.

I enjoy coming to work every day and getting to help our patients beat neuropathy, or find relief to their other nerve related pain. Each and every patient has their own special story, and while working with each one and hearing their story I admire all the obstacles they’ve overcome throughout their journey to health at our office. When I first began it seemed impossible to get to know every patient personally, but over time I have established a great bond with each and every patient. It is such a great feeling to walk into an office that has a positive atmosphere and smiles can be found everywhere. I look forward to seeing all of our patients and catching up to hear how they’re doing or what plans they have for the weekend. My job brings so much happiness and positivity into my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

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